Friday, May 28, 2010

6 Tips For Positive Thinking Include An Exercise To Draw A Lamb

Draw a lamb? Are you nuts? Is that what you are saying to yourself? How on earth does drawing a lamb fit into the scenario of positive thinking? What kind of tip is that?
It's about the magic. Whatever you imagine as real, a simple drawing, can indeed become magical and help to bring you to a place called happy.
I have noticed that unless I am honoring my commitment to be happy, discontent creeps in. Sometimes it is overwhelming. It is not that I am saying to pretend to be happy or not to be realistic but there is something to that whole positive thinking thing. Quantum physics can't be ignored. Serendipity lives within its realms. What you breath out you once took in. So I came up with my own tips for positive thinking.

1) Smile.
If you smile, smiles are most often returned. I heard from someone, somewhere that it is impossible to sound angry if you are smiling. Smile while you are on the phone and see if your attitude that may have been grumpy does not change its venue.

2) Be grateful.
If you write a journal, include a grateful list. Oprah suggests to keep an I am grateful list. Its in the Bible too of course among other religious teachings. It is something that when started it begins to blossom just because our focus changes.

3) Create.
Who was the best creator of all time? God! So who do we learn from? God! There are so many blessings uncovered as we find things to create. Find a hobby to create within. Cooking, airplane models, dance, fine arts, take you pick you wonderful creation!

4) Decide.
Why are we able to go on a diet sometimes and mess up other times? It is all about our decision. We decide to follow through or not. We decide each and every time we pop something into our mouths. Decide you are going to be positive. You may have to re-decide each moment of the day cause stuff happens to mess up the pathway at times, true enough. Making that commitment is key to a positive mindset.

5) Be Playful.
What happened to that little kid inside of you? Why not bring him/her out to play. Being playful is an attitude that will take you back to that world of magic you once had. That magical mood is filled with possibilities... remember?

6) Draw a Lamb
Draw a lamb? Are you nuts? Are you still saying to yourself? How on earth does drawing a lamb fit into this scenario? This is stupid!
Ever read, "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupéry? If not at least look it up online. It is a childrens book that shares philosophical messages about life. It also has some simple, yet really darling little drawings. One drawing that I recall is that of a little sheep. It is simple and yet the message comes across as profound. Whatever you imagine as real, a simple drawing, can indeed be magical. All you need do is decide that it is. So draw a lamb, name it, imagine a life for it for just one minute. Decide that this little drawing is your magic key to feeling positive and will be your reminder of that. Create your own list of positive ideas that speak to you. Put the lamb and your list somewhere where you will see it to remind you of this day... the day you decided to create a little lamb and follow tips for positive thinking.
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