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10 Tips to Boost Your Positive Energy

Wouldn't it be great to pop out of bed in the morning, have flowing energy throughout your day without any caffeine or candy bars, accomplish everything you want, and feel great? For most people this would be a dream--we could all use more energy!

I'll share with you 10 simple tips to boost your energy each day. The key is consistency. You need to do these things regularly to feel the cumulative effects.

1. Plan important activities when you have the most energy.

This is one of my favorite tips. Plan your schedule around your energy level. Choose activities and projects that are naturally energy producing at your low points in the day. If you drag in the morning, plan one of your more enjoyable activities first thing. It may take some time to transition your schedule but it will be worth it!

2. Do the work you love.

Nothing is as energy increasing as passion and enthusiasm. If you have no interest in your work, it's unlikely that you'll ever have optimal energy. This doesn't mean that you must love everything you do but at least some of it must utilize your natural talents and interests.

3. Boost your energy by getting regular exercise.

This certainly does not come as a surprise to you. You know that you exercise makes you feel good and boosts your energy. You just need to do it--regularly.

4. Know your personality style.

Your personality determines what is energy draining or producing for you. If you're naturally an introvert you typically recharge by quiet time on your own. If you're naturally an extrovert, you typically gain energy by social time with others.

5. Eat right and watch your energy soar.

This is another one of those tips that you already know but, if you're like most people, probably aren't doing. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber will help you sustain energy and avoid the sugar roller coaster that you get when you eat sugary snacks.

6. Keep the big picture in mind.

It's easy to get caught up in the moment of stressful situations and feel exhausted. If, however, you remember the big picture including why you're motivated to achieve your goal or why the small stuff isn't that important, you'll feel energized.

7. Drink water.

One of the most common causes of fatigue is dehydration. We often mistakenly assume that we're hungry but the fatigue culprit is often thirst.

8. Celebrate and reward achievements.

The more you focus on your achievements, both large and small, the more success focused you will become. This will help you achieve more and all this achievement is sure to boost energy.

9. Avoid energy-vampires.

You know these types of people. Just being in their presence seems to drain your energy in the blink of an eye. Use assertiveness skills and limit your time with them.

10. Take physical and mental breaks.

Monotony is exhausting. Periodically give yourself a break by a few moments of mindless activity and quick stretching exercises or walking.

If some of these tips stand out to you as more energizing or practical, select those and focus on implementing them consistently. You'll get and keep your energy flowing.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

6 Tips For Positive Thinking Include An Exercise To Draw A Lamb

Draw a lamb? Are you nuts? Is that what you are saying to yourself? How on earth does drawing a lamb fit into the scenario of positive thinking? What kind of tip is that?
It's about the magic. Whatever you imagine as real, a simple drawing, can indeed become magical and help to bring you to a place called happy.
I have noticed that unless I am honoring my commitment to be happy, discontent creeps in. Sometimes it is overwhelming. It is not that I am saying to pretend to be happy or not to be realistic but there is something to that whole positive thinking thing. Quantum physics can't be ignored. Serendipity lives within its realms. What you breath out you once took in. So I came up with my own tips for positive thinking.

1) Smile.
If you smile, smiles are most often returned. I heard from someone, somewhere that it is impossible to sound angry if you are smiling. Smile while you are on the phone and see if your attitude that may have been grumpy does not change its venue.

2) Be grateful.
If you write a journal, include a grateful list. Oprah suggests to keep an I am grateful list. Its in the Bible too of course among other religious teachings. It is something that when started it begins to blossom just because our focus changes.

3) Create.
Who was the best creator of all time? God! So who do we learn from? God! There are so many blessings uncovered as we find things to create. Find a hobby to create within. Cooking, airplane models, dance, fine arts, take you pick you wonderful creation!

4) Decide.
Why are we able to go on a diet sometimes and mess up other times? It is all about our decision. We decide to follow through or not. We decide each and every time we pop something into our mouths. Decide you are going to be positive. You may have to re-decide each moment of the day cause stuff happens to mess up the pathway at times, true enough. Making that commitment is key to a positive mindset.

5) Be Playful.
What happened to that little kid inside of you? Why not bring him/her out to play. Being playful is an attitude that will take you back to that world of magic you once had. That magical mood is filled with possibilities... remember?

6) Draw a Lamb
Draw a lamb? Are you nuts? Are you still saying to yourself? How on earth does drawing a lamb fit into this scenario? This is stupid!
Ever read, "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupéry? If not at least look it up online. It is a childrens book that shares philosophical messages about life. It also has some simple, yet really darling little drawings. One drawing that I recall is that of a little sheep. It is simple and yet the message comes across as profound. Whatever you imagine as real, a simple drawing, can indeed be magical. All you need do is decide that it is. So draw a lamb, name it, imagine a life for it for just one minute. Decide that this little drawing is your magic key to feeling positive and will be your reminder of that. Create your own list of positive ideas that speak to you. Put the lamb and your list somewhere where you will see it to remind you of this day... the day you decided to create a little lamb and follow tips for positive thinking.
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Positive Attitude Tips - 5 Easy Steps to Stop Negative Thinking

We live in such a negative world just read the news papers and watch the news on television. This does not do any thing to inspire or uplift us in a positive way. What you focus on in life helps to determine your mind set and if those negative thoughts invade your mind then you will become very unhappy.
If you are someone having problems overcoming a negative attitude then read this article and apply the simple positive attitude tips in your daily life. They have really helped a lot of people have a more positive attitude and a happier life.
Here are 5 Easy Steps to Stop Negative Thinking.

1. Read and listen to positive learning material everyday instead of reading or listening to the news in news papers or on the television. This will really help to change your attitude that is more positive.

2. Steer clear of negative people whether this is your family, friend or co-worker. You can not afford to get caught up in their negativity. Because it will only bring you down in your own life. Only allow yourself to keep company with people with a positive attitude.

3. Avoid negative environments they strongly influence your mood and how you are feeling. If you choose positive environments that are uplifting and inspiring then you will tend to have a more positive attitude.

4. Avoid focusing on negative things in your everyday life. Focus on what you want in life not on what you do not want in life.

5. Avoid spending your time on activities that do not coincide with what you want in life. Because if you get all caught up in things that are not important to you. Then you will be upset that you did not achieve the things that are more important to you. The important thing is to consistently be working on or towards the activities that will make your life what you want and this in turn will help you have a positive attitude.
If you are not happy with your life then it is up to you to change it.
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Positive Attitude Tips - Positive Thinking Requires Elimination of Cognitive Distortions

Of all the positive attitude tips offered on the many self help resources available the best is to change the way you think. And if it was really that simple then this article would end here.
However, knowing what to do is different from figuring out how to do it. You cannot change the way you are thinking if you are not aware of how you are thinking, so any list of positive attitude tips must include suggestions for self analysis and emotional reflection.
Starting at the beginning it becomes self evident that positive attitude tips can only be offered if we first understand what the word attitude really means.

In everyday common language the word attitude has many meanings, but it is mostly used to refer to a cognitive construct or in simpler terms a "pattern of thinking". Since we cannot see the way a person is thinking, attitude is usually inferred from behaviour. When a person's cognitive construct or way of thinking is positive their behaviour will be interpreted as a "positive attitude".

A positive attitude allows a person to create the life they want because they are not afraid to see things as they really are and work to create their own reality. A positive attitude really reflects a lack of fear in moving forward and creating change.
There are many benefits of a positive attitude including:
better health
improved relationships with others both at home and at work
more opportunities for success
improved productivity
Let's face it, if there were any benefits to be achieved from maintaining a negative attitude, the literature would be full of negative attitude tips. Instead we find that negative thinking is associated with morbidity and emotional dysfunction. Nobody wants to have a negative attitude yet many people are locked into negative patterns of thinking. They cannot change this pattern because they are not aware of its existence.

So how do you change to a positive attitude?
Developing a positive attitude requires that you become aware of cognitive distortions that are keeping you in a pattern of thinking which forms a barrier to creating the life you really want.
What is a cognitive distortion? It is simply an error in interpretation of our own lived experiences.

It is true that you get your attitude from your parents. But it is only partially true. What happens to you in life is only part of the equation for developing a positive attitude (or cognitive distortions).
Of even greater significance in the development of overall attitude is not what happens but how you interpret what happens. That is the part that you can change and take control of, and that is what must change if you are to get rid of the cognitive distortions that create a negative attitude. Cognitive distortions are nothing more that errors in interpretation and those errors can be changed if identified, examined, and re-interpreted in a positive way.
Think of it this way:
Developing a positive attitude means interpreting life's events in a way that is truthful, honest, and self affirming.

Keeping a positive attitude means continuing with these positive and self affirming interpretations of life's events, even negative events.
The cognitive construct behind a positive attitude would go something like this:
"Even though this bad thing happened, I am still a good person."
"I am going to take this opportunity to learn as much about why this happened as I can because I do not want it to happen to me again."
"I think that perhaps I need some help with this because I do not seem to be able to help myself in a way that is helping to resolve this problem."
The cognitive distortions which would be behind a negative attitude would go something like this:
" I screwed up again."
"I am not smart enough to try that."
"It is not really what I want but it is good enough for me."
"If I ask for help people will think I am stupid and know that I cannot even run my own life"
It is possible to change your attitude! But it does require identification and critical analysis of your own beliefs about yourself and the life you think you deserve.
Here are 5 positive attitude tips to help you change the way you think:

Believe that you are in charge -- your life doesn't just happen to you accidentally. You create it. If you do not accept this fundamental belief no amount of positive attitude tips will help you to manifest the life you want. This does not require bull headed and single minded purpose, but rather a quiet self affirming belief that you do have the power to make a difference in your own life and that everything you do and think and say has created the circumstances you are now experiencing.

Live with intent and purpose -- know what it is you want from life and continue to put yourself in charge of obtaining it. When you live reactively you respond to things that are happening to you. Proactive living is when you live with intent, set your own goals, and create a plan to achieve them.

Live with emotional inquiry and clarity -- keep examining your emotional reactions to life's events. Ask yourself " What am I feeling right now? When was the first time I felt like this and why am I interpreting this circumstance in the same way." This should help you to uncover those cognitive distortions that prevent you from developing a positive attitude.

Practise being grateful -- no matter how unlucky or dreadful you think your life is, practice being grateful for one small thing every day. Thinking about one positive thing every day that you can be grateful for will change the cognitive distortions you have been carrying around.

Help and serve others -- find things to do that help other people. You will be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself and how this can change many of those cognitive distortions that may be contributing to your negative attitude.
These are the 5 positive attitude tips that will contribute to a change in the way you think. Once you change the way you think you have the freedom to think more clearly and the wisdom to make choices that will move you forward to the life you want.
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Positive Thinking Power - 10 Effective Tips To Obtain It

Rules give definition to ones life. On many occasions, one devises rules for systematic implementation of plans to achieve goals. Rules also help people to come to better understanding about their lives and help others achieve what they want. It is only due to rules that the humanity is able to successfully hold onto every discovery that has been made.
So when it comes to devising rules for development of power of positive thinking, 10 is a great number to take. It may be possible that some people have set a rule for themselves to stick to number 10!
Ever since people have realized the importance of the power of positive thinking, they had been seeking some defining rules that help them develop such powers easily. To make things easier, we are outlining 10 rules that if followed religiously can help every individual unlock their hidden potential and gain better control over their lives. These are as follows:

1) Believe - There is no scope of pretension for positive thinkers. If you pretend, you?ll gain nothing. You just need to believe with whole heart in your ability to think positively. There will be no benefits for you even if the whole world believes that you are a positive thinker, and you only are unable to tap onto the advantages that accrue by indulging in positive thinking.

2) Be Objective - It?s very important to remain objective and keep moving forward without going off balance by the ups and downs of life. A lot of people get overwhelmed by their repeated failures and take them for their destiny, thus, loosing all hope. There are others who get so carried away by their small successes that they loose focus of the long-term goals and end up making all wrong decisions filled with fake pride.

3) Take good care of your physical well being - Having a healthy body in itself is a great source of positive thoughts for an individual. Moreover, nothing great of significance can be achieved if you are not fit to do so. A healthy body inevitably contributes in creating a healthy mind.

4) Surround yourself with people of positive thoughts - When faced with a severe battle between the positive and negative thoughts in your mind, the help of a positive thinking friend is indispensable. You would never want to be friends with people who instead of encouraging you at such critical times, push you further down in the dumps.

5) Patience is the Key - Starting to think positive is not a one-day affair. It is important that you approach your development exercise in a patient manner and not give up mid-way.

6) Use your Negativity - The moment you discover a negative aspect of your life, don?t go repelling it outright, instead try finding ways and means to channelize that negative energy for some positive purpose. For example - if you get angry quickly, instead of wasting that anger on road rage, utilize it to stand up for social causes.

7) Don?t carry your negativity on your sleeves- no one likes to be around a person who sends negative vibes to everyone he/she meets. It is very important that you develop a positive attitude and don?t throw around your weight on others.

8) Don?t reject novel ideas outright - when you face an unfamiliar situation or are told about new ideas, don?t go about them like most people do, that is start criticizing. Every novel idea or situation has positive aspects too and possesses seeds of learning.

9) Take it easy - Rome was not built in a day, nor did the famous personalities become what they became in a days time. Pace yourself properly to avoid running out of steam when the critical moments come.

10) Change is the name of the game - The common factor among all the above-mentioned points is that they are all for your benefit, however, they won?t come any good if you repel change. They show you the way, but it is up to you whether you walk or not.
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